Reading Lessons Through Literature

Reading Lessons Through Literature is a pick-up and go Orton phonogram reading program organized around the stories in The Elson Readers. Like other Orton phonogram programs, it focuses on teaching reading through spelling. First children learn the basic phonograms. Then they begin writing their spelling words, analyzing them, and reading them for practice. And finally, they begin to read stories which include the words they've learned.

English Lessons Through Literature

Formerly Language Lessons Through Literature. English Lessons Through Literature is a unique program which combines the gentleness of Charlotte Mason's methods with the thoroughness of modern classical methods. Traditional, proven methods are used to give children a firm foundation in all core language arts areas: grammar and mechanics, writing, penmanship, spelling, vocabulary, and of course, literature. Picture studies, poetry, and Aesop's fables are also included.


Wayfarers includes a variety of activities and reading, ready to tailor to the needs of your family. Wayfarers has a two-page spread for each day which lists ALL assignments for ALL of your children, pre-K through high school, from art to zoology. Wayfarers includes an adjustable reading plan for science and history, geography through literature, and scheduled written and oral narrations for each day of the week. Each week includes a History Through Art lesson and a brief unit study component from the geography read-alouds, and each term (12 weeks) has a recommended composer for family listening.

Quark Chronicles

Take your children on an epic journey through space and science! They’ll join Tom, Sally, and the twins, Mike and Joe, as they travel through space on a living spaceship. They have to explore various scientific concepts in order to survive and, ultimately, get back home.

Botany is currently available. Lord willing, there will ultimately be eight volumes: Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, Astronomy, Geology, Weather, Chemistry, and Physics.

Food and Nutrition for Primal Kids

These fun and informative guides to health and nutrition explain science and nutrition facts from the Primal perspective, and they use the entertaining mascot of "Cro the Caveman" to illustrate the talking points and nutritional facts.

Primal Kids is for grammar stage children, grades 1-4. Primal Teens is for logic to rhetoric stage students, 5th grade and up.

American Studies

These programs will complement any study of American history. My primary intention behind writing 50 States and Where to Find Them was to teach my children all the states and capitals. This is accomplished by tackling the United States region by region. American Literature: Essays, Short Stories, and Poetry includes all of the essays, short stories, and poetry suggested for grades six and seven in Andrew Campbell’s The Latin-Centered Curriculum, plus a few of my own personal favorite American short stories. This would be an excellent addition to any study of American literature and/or history.

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Free Stuff

Who doesn't like free stuff? On this page, you'll find all the items I offer for free. This includes the original WTM history notebook covers that have been popular among classical homeschoolers for almost a decade, planning pages, reading lists, and a few public domain ebooks. There are also the art pages used in English Lessons Through Literature, and a Spelling Journal which can be used as part of a spelling list or dictation style spelling program.

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