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The following items can be purchased directly from CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

The English Lessons Through Literature books listed here are the 8.5 x 11 size books.

Coupon codes are good for specific items, not necessarily everything, so if you have one, check the terms of the offer you received!

Reading Lessons Through Literature

RLTL Level 1 RLTL Level 2 RLTL Level 3 RLTL Level 4

English Lessons Through Literature

ELTL Level 1 ELTL Level 2 ELTL Level 3 ELTL Level 4
ELTL Level 5

Quark Chronicles

Quark Chronicles: Botany Quark Chronicles: Zoology Quark Chronicles: Anatomy


Wayfarers: Ancient Term 1 Wayfarers: Medieval Term 1 Wayfarers: Revolution Term 1 Wayfarers: Modern Term 1
Wayfarers: Ancient Term 2 Wayfarers: Medieval Term 2 Wayfarers: Revolution Term 2 Wayfarers: Modern Term 2
Wayfarers: Ancient Term 3 Wayfarers: Medieval Term 3 Wayfarers: Revolution Term 3 Wayfarers: Modern Term 3


50 States and Where to Find Them