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Reading Lessons Through Literature and English Lessons Through Literature both have sample packages. To see samples of other books, please go to the Lulu page and click “Preview” under the picture of the cover.

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Samples and Free

RLTL Sample Package on Lulu ELTL Sample Package on Lulu (Samples from original editions)
FREE Pathways: ELTL Level 0 FREE HLTL Elson Readers Primer All FREE Items on Lulu

Handwriting Lessons Through Literature

Read more about HLTL here.

For All Ages For Beginning Readers, Slant
For Beginning Readers, Vertical
Child’s Garden of Verses Story Book of Science

Reading Lessons Through Literature

Read more about RLTL here.

Two of the Handwriting Lessons Through Literature, Handwriting for Beginning Readers and Handwriting for All Ages, can be used as workbooks while learning the phonograms in Reading Lessons Through Literature.

Level 1 on Lulu

Level 1 eBook on Lulu

Level 1 Spiral on Lulu

Level 1 on Amazon

Level 2 on Lulu

Level 2 eBook on Lulu

Level 2 Spiral on Lulu

Level 2 on Amazon

Level 3 on Lulu

Level 3 eBook on Lulu

Level 3 Spiral on Lulu

Level 3 on Amazon

Level 4 on Lulu

Level 4 eBook on Lulu

Level 4 Spiral on Lulu

Level 4 on Amazon

English Lessons Through Literature

Read more about ELTL here.

ELTL is going through a transition period! Books listed here are the updated, secular/inclusive editions. These updates should be complete by fall 2017. Levels 1 through 5 are available in the original editions.

Shop the original, Christian version of ELTL.

All updated print editions of ELTL are 8.5 x 11 inches.

ELTL Workbooks are available both in print and PDF versions. The PDF versions of Levels B-D include all five fonts: slant cursive, vertical cursive, basic italic, cursive italic, and manuscript. The PDF version of Level A includes all fonts except cursive italic. The print versions are all spiral bound books from Lulu.

Levels A & B Combined on Lulu

Level A eBook on Lulu

Level A on Lulu

Level A Spiral Bound on Lulu

Level A PDF Workbook

Level A Vertical Cursive

Level A Slant Cursive

Level A Basic Italic

Level A Manuscript

Level B eBook on Lulu

Level B on Lulu

Level B Spiral Bound on Lulu

Level B PDF Workbook

Level B Vertical Cursive

Level B Slant Cursive

Level B Basic Italic

Level B Cursive Italic

Level B Manuscript


Read more about Wayfarers here.

Wayfarers is available by the term. Each term is 12 weeks and is available in three formats; paperbacks are available through Amazon while PDFs and spiral-bound books are available through Lulu.

PDFs and spiral-bound on Lulu

Term 1 on Amazon

Term 2 on Amazon

Term 3 on Amazon

PDFs and spiral-bound on Lulu

Term 1 on Amazon

Term 2 on Amazon

Term 3 on Amazon

PDFs and spiral-bound on Lulu

Term 1 on Amazon

Term 2 on Amazon

Term 3 on Amazon

PDFs and spiral-bound on Lulu

Term 1 on Amazon

Term 2 on Amazon

Term 3 on Amazon

Quark Chronicles

Read more about Quark Chronicles here.

Botany PDF on Lulu

Botany Paperback on Lulu

Botany on Amazon

Botany PDF Notebooking

Botany Slant Cursive

Botany Vertical Cursive

Botany Basic Italic

Botany Cursive Italic

Botany Manuscript

Zoology PDF on Lulu

Zoology Paperback on Lulu

Zoology on Amazon

Zoology PDF Notebooking

Zoology Slant Cursive

Zoology Vertical Cursive

Zoology Basic Italic

Zoology Cursive Italic

Zoology Manuscript

Anatomy PDF on Lulu

Anatomy Paperback on Lulu

Anatomy PDF Notebooking

Anatomy Slant Cursive

Anatomy Vertical Cursive

Anatomy Basic Italic

Anatomy Cursive Italic

Anatomy Manuscript


Mini-Unit PDFs on Lulu

American Studies

Read more about American Studies here.

50 States eBook on Lulu

50 States on Amazon

50 States Workbook on Lulu American Literature on Lulu

American Literature eBook on Lulu

Primal Nutrition

Read more about Primal Nutrition here.

Primal Kids PDF on Lulu

Primal Teens PDF on Lulu

Notebook Covers

View all the notebook covers by category.