Quark Chronicles

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Download a sample of Quark Chronicles: Zoology

Download a sample of Quark Chronicles: Anatomy

The third book in our science series,
Quark Chronicles: Anatomy, is now available!

Quark Chronicles is our literature-based science spine. Children learn the basics of the various branches of science in the context of an exciting adventure story. The first three books–Botany, Zoology, and Anatomy–are currently available with more coming soon!

Tom, Sally, and the twins–Joe and Mike–have some serious problems. After being kidnapped by space pirates, the children managed to escape with the help of a living spaceship that they nicknamed Auntie. But during their escape, they traveled through a wormhole and now have no idea where they are. They’re working to find their way back to planet Earth, having adventures along the way.

Botany: When one of the twins develops a nutritional deficiency, the children realize that they have to get a garden up and going in space to survive.

Zoology: As they travel, the children encounter alien civilizations and face many perils. Will their knowledge of Earth animals and zoology help to save them?

Anatomy: When Auntie becomes ill, the children are in danger of losing their home, their transportation, and their friend. As they search for a cure, they learn all about anatomy.

Each Quark Chronicles book has an optional set of Notebooking Pages which focus on copywork and narration instead of comprehension questions. The Notebooking Pages also include optional additional reading as well as pages for vocabulary and science experiments.

Quark Chronicles is worldview neutral, meaning that you can use it regardless of how you feel about creationism, intelligent design, and evolution. Some science facts are just…facts. We don’t believe that science always has to be a divisive subject.

We’re not following the standard neo-classical sequence for these. Even poor libraries have oodles of extra reading in biology, astronomy, and earth science, and even good libraries have almost nothing for physics and chemistry for pre-high school students. We’re going where the extra reading is, so here’s our sequence. Each book will have 18 stories for a one semester study.

Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, Astronomy,

Geology, Weather, Chemistry, Physics