WHY Off-Grid

The promised WHY OFF-GRID newsletter. Plus, I’ve published a new book, and we have a new FREEBIE. Yes, these last two items are connected… English Lessons Through Literature Level G: Growing Now Available! This is how I spent my summer vacation–getting Level G ready! It is currently available on […]

Instant Pot Giveaway and BYB 2018

In This Issue… Win an Instant Pot! Or win an Amazon gift card if you’d prefer. Also, (affiliate links all through this email!) the BUILD YOUR BUNDLE SALE is coming soon! Details below… Build Your Bundle Sale Yes, it’s that time again! The 5th Annual Build Your Bundle Sale is coming soon: […]

I Hate Camping; Also, Win an INSTANT POT

In This Issue… Learn how I feel about camping (sneak preview: I hate it). Also, we have a giveaway coming soon–an Instant Pot! And I talk a bit more about English Lessons Through Literature. Aloha, y’all! Back when we had the farm in Illinois, Ernie once had a chat with […]

Living Deliberately

In This Issue… This month, I talk a bit about the role of preparation when it comes to living off-grid. In the bottom section, I talk a little about our grammar and composition program, English Lessons Through Literature. Aloha, y’all! As some of you know, we moved to Hawaii in January. […]