Handwriting Fonts

Samples of FontsWe offer all of our workbooks and copywork books in five different handwriting styles for your convenience.

You can download a sample page which shows all five handwriting styles along with the line sizes in various workbooks we produce, and it includes practice lines for your student(s) to try the various sizes. And this page shows the complete alphabet for each handwriting font.

All line sizes are measured from midline to baseline. Our workbooks use a 2-line system with a dotted midline because I find it less confusing for beginners. Currently, many of our workbooks are in the process of being updated to be more consistent across all levels and across all of our products.

Primary Ruled, 6 mm from midline to baseline

Primary ruled books are sized like primary ruled composition books, 6mm from midline to baseline.

HLTL Primer

ELTL Levels A and B

RLTL Levels 1-2

Intermediate Ruled, 5 mm from midline to basline

Intermediate ruled books are sized in between our primary and wide ruled options in order to work for most students of an age to do copywork. This is the size we’ve chosen for all books which are intended for use by a wide range of ages. Upper grammar stage workbooks are also included here.

HLTL copywork books, all titles

ELTL Levels C and D

RLTL Levels 3-4

Quark Chronicles Workbooks

Wide Ruled, 4.5 mm from midline to baseline

Wide ruled books are sized similar to wide ruled notebook paper, 4.5mm from midline to baseline. This is slightly larger than half the size of wide ruled paper.

HLTL Primer