Handwriting Lessons Through Literature

HLTL covers

Samples of Fonts
For your convenience, Handwriting Lessons Through Literature offers five different handwriting choices: slant cursive, vertical cursive, basic italic, cursive italic, and manuscript. The PDFs contain all five choices. See the Bookstore for ease in finding the right book.

The Handwriting Lessons Through Literature: Primer teaches handwriting by focusing on chunks of words: phonograms and Webster’s syllabary. This has multiple benefits. Practicing with the phonograms and syllabary reinforces proper spelling. The same pages can be used from year to year for additional practice. And for cursive writing, the process of writing through the syllabary includes all possible cursive joins.

HLTL teaches 76 phonograms, capital letters, and Webster’s syllabary. In addition to handwriting practice, it can also be used as a workbook for learning to read and write the phonograms for older children using Reading Lessons Through Literature, which can be used for either reading or spelling.

Because HLTL teaches handwriting using the building blocks of words instead of words themselves, it is truly appropriate for all ages. It is also a wonderful way to review good handwriting habits each year while using copywork from quality literature for practice the rest of the time.

Copywork Books

The remaining books in the HLTL series are copywork books for continuing practice, though you can also return to the original book for review and practice as well. Currently, there are two copywork books available: The Story Book of Science and A Child’s Garden of Verses.

The Story Book of Science includes two copywork pages per chapter from Jean Henri Fabre’s book.

A Child’s Garden of Verses includes the entire text of Robert Louis Stevenson’s book of poetry.

A RLTL copywork book is also available. The Elson Readers Primer is formatted for younger students, and it is intended to be used in conjunction with Reading Lessons Through Literature Level 1, though it could also be used alone. I do not recommend spelling tests, so copywork is a beautiful way to reinforce the spelling of words from the spelling lists while also practicing handwriting. The entire book of the Elson Readers Primer is included in this copywork book, giving plenty of copywork which includes only words that the student is learning in RLTL.