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Update on Our Newsletter…

Over the coming months, we plan on sending out more regular newsletters–maybe once a month. In the next few issues, we’ll talk a bit about off-grid living. Hope y’all enjoy!

It sometimes seems odd tor me that there’s such an overlap of people who are interested in both homeschooling and living off-grid. But both groups are filled with people who have decided to live just a bit differently than the norm, so it shouldn’t be surprising.

Our oldest son has an online friend from Malaysia who is fascinated with America and how people live here, but when he asks Jared about life here, Jared can only tell him that HE lives more like a modern American than we do!

That’s only partially true, of course. I’m typing this on my laptop and sending it out via satellite internet. I often read emails on my smart phone. And when I run out of chocolate, I hop in my Suburban and head to the grocery store because I acknowledge that chocolate is an important and valuable part of modern life.

But I also don’t have running water right now. We just moved, so we’re living rougher than usual right now, but even when we get more firmly established here, we won’t have what most of you consider modern plumbing. I use a compost toilet, and I shower out-of-doors. It cannot be denied: I make use of modern amenities when they don’t require on-grid living, but the reality is that I do NOT live a modern American lifestyle. And I like it that way.

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Kathy Jo


We’re working on ideas for new freebies. If you have a topic that you’d like to have us write a mini-unit about, feel free to email us with suggestions!

In the meantime, ave you grabbed our two permanent freebies? A Walk in the Park discusses our homeschool philosophy, and Daily Devotions for Kids includes four prayers for each day of the week to help children develop a habit of prayer.